Retail Solutions

ONEm's retail solutions are designed help retailers reach a wider market of unconnected consumers. Naturally, mCoin can be used as an optional payment method in our retailer offerings.

Mobile Catalogue - #MCATALOG

ONEm's mCatalog service works alongside a traditional printed catalog. Users simply text #MCATALOG <code> to bring up the item description, retailer options and prices. Users can choose from their favourite retailers and put the items in their basket. At checkout, users pay in mCoin.

Customer Management

ONEm's customer management service lets business owners communicate with their customers via text or call. Customers need not disclose their mobile number so their privacy is protected. Businesses can make time-limited offers and track the take-up. Customers can earn loylaty points which can be redeemed against offers.


Businesses of all shapes and sizes can accept payments in mCoin which can be simply offered as a standalone feature or integrated with ONEm's marketplace, Sweb for business or mCatalog services.