The World's First Cryptocurrency Accessible
Even without the Internet

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* Untapped Market *

3 Billion

mCoin will benefit in a way no other cryptocurrency can because it has a way to reach more than 3 billion people who have a mobile but don't have access to the internet.

This massive market is completely un-tapped and ONEm has the platform that can reach them which will make mCoin even more valuable.

* Small Businesses *

100 Million

Hundres of millions of micro and small businesses can really benefit from a cryptocurrency that all of their customers can access and benefit from.

ONEm has many business applications llike Sweb for Business where mCoin can be used in Loyalty and purchasing schemes that work on any mobile.
Millions of small businesses are continuously seeking new ways to differentiate themselves in the market.

mCoin will be integrated with ONEm's Sweb for Business which will help them to incentivize their customers to participate in the Ecosystem.

* Mobiles *

5.8 Billion

Mobile provides the opportunity to reach everyone.

mCoin will be able to scale rapidly through strategic partnerships.

SMS is an absolute standard feature of every mobile which means mCoin will have the widest possible reach.

The mCoin Ecosystem

Wide Connectivity

All digital currencies require internet connectivity for  trading.

mCoin can be traded  both online and offline using any ordinary mobile.

High Security

Since mCoin can be accessed by mobile offline this provides the user with an extra layer of security against unauthorized access.

Pseudo-Mining Innovation

Only people who have access to the internet can participate in mining to earn cryptocurrencies.

In addition to traditional mining ONEm includes people, even without the internet, a way to earn mCoins.

Pseudo-mining is our way for people  to earn coins through activities they perform over the ONEm ecosystem.

Virtual Wallet - SMS/Hybrid

ONEm provides a virtual wallet where users without the internet can use any ordinary mobile to store, send and receive mCoins.

Ready Existing Applications

mCoin has the advantage of being coupled with existing ONEm social and business applications, such as Market Place,  that can run on any mobile.

Participate in the Pre-ICO

Add your Mobile Number for future SMS mCoin notifications
Benefits of Participation:
1. Notification of mCoin ICO prior to Launch
2. Secure mCoin at the initial value of  $0.01 per mCoin instead of $0.03 which is the April ICO price.
3. mCoin Package Category Bonuses

Pre-ICO mCoin Price $0.01

Plus Bonus mCoins 5-20%

ICO mCoin Price $0.03

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mCoin Management Team

Not Just A Collection of Names: mCoin was created and developed because it made perfect sense and fulfilled a real global need for people who will benefit on the ONEm Platform. As a result, mCoin has the benefit of being continuously supported and developed by the ONEm team who are all experienced and working professionals with a passion for global social and business communications.

Christopher Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Directs Overall mCoin Development
A serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in various first of a kind successful start-up projects....

Hatim Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer

Directs Operations & mCoin Strategies
A telecommunications entrepreneur with over 27 years experience in a number of successful communication startups....

Myhoa Tien

Chief Commercial Officer

Directs mCoin Commercial Activities
An experienced manager and entrepreneur with a keen sense of strategic planning and execution to build and grow the company....

Chris Horn

Chief Technology Officer

Directs Technical Development of mCoin
An accomplished communications and software technologist and engineer with over 27 years experience telecom start-up projects....

Kelly Hui

Chief Marketing Officer

Directs mCoin Products & Marketing
A product management and expert marketer with 26 years telecom experience in creating and delivering new technology based products to market....

Philip Thompson

Business Development Manager

Develops mCoin Business Opportunities
An experienced and resourceful business development manager with a track record for delivering new business results ....

Alvaro Bilbao

Product R&D Manager

Product R&D Development Engineer
An experienced product development and sales engineer with a background in engineering for computer science....

Developers & Programmers

Platform mCoin Cryptocurrency Integration
mCoin has behind it ONEm's  team of highly qualified and creative developers for software development, system, network and interconnect engineers in the communications space....

The Company Behind mCoin

Founded in 2012

The company was founded in 2012 to develop and deploy a revolutionary platform that would bridge the gap between the internet and mobiles without date or wifi.

This was never done before and there were many technical developments that had to be overcome and the founders put together a team of highly experienced professionals who over time managed to create the platform the founders had envisaged.

We have many partnerships that are opening doors for collaboration in emerging as well as developed markets.

Technical Advantage

ONEm's platform is connected to many operators and is in the process of reaching many more with the goal of connecting the unconnected.

We have developed a hybrid technology, that works with or without the internet, allowing a special kind of hybrid APPs to take advantage of the smart phone's superior user experience even offline.

Our cryptocurrency mCoin fits neatly into our strategy of bridging the gap between the internet and basic mobile and will definitely play a major role in providing many practical solutions in different markets.

A Strategic Future

mCoin has a great advantage as the only cryptocurrency accessible and usable on ONEm's global platform.

All other cryptocurrencies depend entirely on the internet while mCoin can take advantage of both worlds.

The markets that show the greatest potential for growth in the cryptocurrency world are the emerging markets. 

mCoin will also enjoy a great following in advanced markets supported by ONEm as a cryptocurrency that can be accessed and used offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is mCoin?

mCoin is a new digital cryptocurrency based on the original Bitcoin Blockchain enabling technology. What set mCoin apart from other cryptocurrencies is that it is a universal and inclusive cryptocurrency accessible even without the internet. As a cryptocurrency, mCoin is not controlled by central entity. It is created by people and businesses using computer software to solve mathematical puzzles.

What is MCN?

MCN is the abbreviation for mCoin.

Who created mCoin?

mCoin is a cryptocurrency created by the team at ONEm Communications. The ONEm team are passionate about the concept of inclusion and set out to make it possible for the billions of people and businesses without access to the internet to participate in digital blockchain innovations, starting with the digital currency mCoin.

How is mCoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

mCoin will have a wider reach than many of the existing cryptocurrencies on the market because it targets the untapped market of 3 billion people who do not have access to the internet and therefore cannot take advantage of the digital currency phenomenon, which relies on the internet.

How many mCoins will ever exist?

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the mCoin generation algorithm defines how they are created and at what rate. On the basis of the cryptocurrency decreasing supply algorithm the maximum supply of mCoins will not exceed 32 billion coins over a period of 34 years.

How can I acquire mCoin?

Before the ICO you can acquire mCoin by invitation by registering your information on the form at

After the ICO, you can get mCoins in the following ways:

1)Online cryptocurrency exchange & wallet - pay with fiat currencies, credit / debit card, bank transfer or with other cryptocurrencies.

2) Commence - similar to barter trade, you can sell goods or provide services for mCoin
Mining - you are a “miner” and receive mCoins after verified transactions have been added to the public ledger / blockchain

3) Pseudo Mining - Pseudo Mining is a term created by ONEm team. It enables people without the internet to acquire mCoins through a type of proof of work from activities in the ONEm ecosystem that generates points for mCoins.

How do I create an MCN (mCoin) wallet?

The MCN wallet will be available prior to the ICO and Pre-ICO sale owners will be invited to download the mCoin wallet in due course.

An online MCN wallet can either be downloaded to a user’s desktop or mobile. Smartphone users will be able to download the mCoin wallet app from Apple or Google play stores.

An offline virtual MCN wallet will be able for users to access their online wallet using the SMS capabilities of the ONEm Platform through participating Mobile Operator Partner Networks.

How can I participate in the ICO?

ONEm is holding a pre-ICO mCoin sale with bonus (check the declining bonus time limited schedule), you can register for pre-ICO on the mCoin website:

Who can participate in mCoin Pre-ICO sale?

Purchasers are not eligible to participate in ONEm Communications mCoin pre-ICO sale and ICO if they are a Citizen of the United State of America or the People’s Republic of China. All participants are encouraged to check up on any local ICO rules.

What is the price for mCoin Pre-ICO sale?

Price per mCoin is set at US$0.01 for pre-ICO sale  (check the declining bonus time limited schedule).

What do I get after I registered and paid for the mCoins in Pre-ICO sale?

Upon payment confirmation, you will receive your receipt via email. You will also receive a certificate of entitlement with your personal information included. Your mCoins will be delivered to your mCoin wallet when it is released before the ICO.

When will be the mCoin ICO?

The ICO is scheduled for the middle of April 2018.

Where can I trade mCoin after the ICO?

ONEm Communications is preparing the necessary information with the aim to list mCoin in leading exchanges such as eTORO, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken etc after the ICO.
Our Vision

We are passionate about the concept of inclusion and set out to make it possible for the billions of people and businesses without access to the internet to participate in the wonders of a digital currency.

mCoin provides anyone, anywhere access to a digital currency even outside of the domain of the internet.

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