Utility value

Because mCoin is closely integrated with ONEm's smart services, it supports real use cases and solves real problems for users. Below you will find some examples of how mCoin is already providing a key role in ONEm's services ecosystem

mCoin and Market-place

Charlene from the Philippines uses ONEm's #MARKET service to sell her range of homemade pasta. She accepts payments in mCoin and buyers send payments to her securely using her ONEm name. ONEm confirms each transaction using our secure blockchain technology.

mCoin and Sweb for Business

Nur runs a small clothing accessories business in Jakarta. She uses ONEm's Sweb for business solution to advertise her products. She accepts payments in mCoin using ONEm's secure blockchain technology. Her customers receive extra loyalty points for paying in mCoin.

mCoin payments via SMS

Abbas has just got his first job, he talks with his family members regularly using ONEm's xGroup service. He sends mCoin to his family back home using his father's ONEm name. His transfers are confirmed in mCoin's blockchain.

Secure Wallets

ONEm provides a complete range of secure wallets to match your needs. If you need feature-rich functionality and have the latest smart phone, then ONEmwallet for IOS or Android is for you. If however, you need to be able to use a wallet even when you're offline, you can use ONEmWallet for SMS. Send and receive mCoin to other users, and make payments just by sending text messages.
ONEmWallet for SMS
ONEmWallet for SMS

Send and receive mCoin, make payments using your ONEm name

ONEmWallet for SMS
ONEmWallet for IOS/Android

Feature-rich smart phone wallet for the advanced user.

ONEmWallet for SMS
ONEmWallet for Web

Access from any device when you're online, no app required

mCoin Ambassadors Hall of Fame

mCoin Ambassadors are part of our growing global community of users that believe in our cause and provide an important role in supporting our user base.

Prosper Njoku

Ambassador - Nigeria

Besides having a great project, the mCoin team have shown a very impressive record trying to match roadmap to reality

Arvin Cris Dacillo

Ambassador - Philippines

I joined as an ambassador to learn more about what's new in Cryptocurrency, and then I heard about mCoin - it's such a unique and interesting project

Victoria Mwatala Iyambo

Ambassador - Namibia

I am a blockchain enthusiast, I am amazed and impressed by the innovating concept of ONEm mCoin project. I wanted to surround myself with a team of like-minded people to disrupt the future with blockchain technology.

Md Ashraful Khan

Ambassador - Bangladesh

I love to utilize new opportunities and I found this ONEm mCoin project to be interesting as well as genuine.

Newton Barango

Ambassador - Nigeria

As an mCoin investor, my desire is to see mCoin accepted globally with real value that will benefit everyone.

Higinio Salinas

Ambassador - Mexico

mCoin is a Real Project with real people with a real cause.

Mavic Chavez

Ambassador - Philippines

I joined the mCoin team as ambassador because I would like to be part of this great project and help my countrymen to understand more about mCoin. I love being an mCoin ambassador.