Services for any occasion

See below just some examples of the powerful services that ONEm provides. Whether you have a smart phone or a basic phone. Whether you are connected to the internet or have no access to mobile data, ONEm is always on hand to help

Market Place - #MARKET

Got something to sell or just browsing? Safely and securely trade with other buyers and sellers. #MARKET integrates with our Blockchain-based currency mCoin to provide a permanent audit trail of your transactions.


Postboard - #POST

Got something to shout about? Want to search for a job? #POST brings like-minded users together to collaborate, interact and share information. Let other users comment on your posts and give you feedback


Group chat & calls - #XGROUP

Want to be able to access smart group chat and calling features even when you're offline? Make instant conference calls without having to put callers on hold. Chat securely in groups, right within your phone's built-in messenger. No apps required


Business services - #SWEB

ONEm's business services work in harmony to improve the way you interact with your customers and get to know them better. It's like a mini-CRM system in your pocket. Advertise your business, bring up a list of your customers, send them messages and even offer loyalty points



ONEm's voice and text-based communication services let you interact with your friends, colleagues or customers in a secure way, and at a controlled cost. Call and text in groups, using your unique ONEm-name instead of your mobile number. Use our powerful real-time translation services, available in over 90 languages



Catch up on the latest news, football scores. Play games or against the computer. Stuck on that crossword clue? ONEm can help. ONEm provides access to over 50 different services, available at your fingertips. Who needs apps?

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