Government Solutions

ONEm provides a range of solutions for governments to help improve the daily lives of their citizens. Our services are designed to work even in remote regions where only 2G mobile coverage is available.


ONEm's clever security solution uses crowd-sourcing techniques to gather data about security threats before they happen. Data is processed centrally and can be exported to a data warehouse for further analysis.
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ONEm's educational services help teachers, parents and students engage and communicate better. Teachers can set simple quizzes and communicate with both students and parents using ONEm's xGroup service. Students can use ONEm's tools to learn about financial calculations, search topics on Wikipedia, even learn a new language using #TRANSLATE.
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ONEm's healthcare services can be used to improve the general knowledge in communities of common diseases and illnesses. For example ONEm's postboard service can include details of medical alerts and common symptoms and treatments. Communities can be sent questions to ascertain their general health and identify common medical problems.
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Financial Inclusion

ONEm can provide a wide range of government managed financial solutions such as local currency digital wallets using blockchain technology. There are millions of unbanked people that need access to financial tools like digital SMS based wallets. ONEm’s technology doesn’t rely on the internet and provides secure access to micro-loans.