ONEm is a high tech company based in London established in 2012. ONEm developed and deployed an advanced platform that supports an ecosystem of services. The platform empowers users to enjoy access to a continually growing number of interactive content and applications. What is unique about these services is that they work on any type of mobile without requiring data or Wi-Fi.
ONEm provides interactive access to a rich knowledge base of content via voice and SMS. Our technology enables the core assets of Mobile Operators to reach their true potential. In the face of relentless internet innovation, we see an opportunity to create a new channel complementary to the internet and traditional voice and SMS communications.

London HQ Office

60 New Broad Street, 1st Floor

London EC2M 1JJ

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 203 691 7136

Dubai Office

B-209 DSO HQ Bldg.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai - UAE

Tel: +971 4 371 2806

Bucharest Office

Str. Stirbei Voda, Nr. 114-116,

Partea B, Etaj 2, Sector 1

Bucharest - Romania